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UCVB: University of Connecticut Volleyball Club
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Thursday, July 02, 2015
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UCVB - University of Connecticut Volleyball Club

Welcome to the UConn Men's and Women's Volleyball Club. Men's team competes in New England Collegiate Volleyball League (NECVL) while Women's teams competes in Northeast Women's Volleyball Club League (NWVCL).

Women's Club primary contacts:
Lindsay Sullivan - and Jennifer Huffmire -

UConn Women's club team completed yet another outstanding year during the 2013-2014 season. They finished in the top 25 in Division 1 of NCVF Club Nationals, making it three years in a row. They also finished 3rd in NWVCL. UConn won the NWVCL league title back in 2012 and will work hard to win the title again this season. The team will again be coached by Jung Park entering his 18th season (2007 National Club Coach of the Year). The team will be led by co-captains Jenny Huffmire (senior MB) and Lindsay Sullivan (senior OH).

Men's Club primary Contact:
Chris Bruno at

2014 NCVF Ranking Tournament Champions

NCVF Ranking Tournament Champs 2014

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